Gary Stewart began writing as a freelancer for London-based West Africa magazine and went on to contribute to, among others, Option, Folk Roots, The Los Angeles Times Syndicate, and, most frequently, The Beat. His interest in things African stems from service in the Peace Corps in West Africa, an experience that led to his books and articles on African music and to the chronicle of Sierra Leone's horrific civil war, Black Man's Grave.

In addition to his books and magazine pieces, he contributed entries to The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians and has written liner notes for a number of records and CDs, including the vinyl version of S.E. Rogie's Palm Wine Guitar Music; Putumayo's The Best of World Music, African; Rumba 'Round Africa by Ry-Co Jazz; and, most recently, The World is Shaking and Africa Boogaloo from the London label Honest Jon's.

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